Any-to-Any Transcoder
DMB-9600  Any-to-Any Transcoder

The professional DMB-9600 Any-to-Any transcoder is designed to multiple programs transcoding, supporting not only the bidirectional transcoding within H.264-MPEG-2 formats but also down-conversion from HD programs to the SD programs. Adopting the full-duple* GE interface, DMB-9600 enables to receive 8*TSoIP transport stream and 6*DVB-ASI or 6*Tuner (DVB-C/T/ISDB-T/ATSC optional). After professional transcoding and processing of re-multiple*ing module, DMB-9600 can also output 1*MPTS or 8*SPTS through IP channel and 1*MPTS or 1*SPTS mirror transport stream of IP channel through DVB-ASI connector. Provided with unrivaled capability of transport stream re-multiple*ing, DMB-9600 can control transport bit rate real-timely and efficiently in order to improve performance and optimize video quality, and also addresses the ever-increasing needs of high quality video transcoding for operators and services providers.


Bidirectional transcoding of H.264-MPEG-2 for video
Bidirectional transcoding of MPEG-2 Layer-2-AAC for audio
Able to transcoding ma*. 8*SD programs or 4* HD programs simultaneously
Able to transcoding ma*. 8-channel audio simultaneously
8*IP input and 6*ASI or 6*Tuner(DVB-C/T/ISDB-T/ATSC optional) input
8*SPTS or 1*MPTS over IP out, or 1*MPTS/SPTS through DVB-ASI out
GE interface (TS over IP), enabling multicast and unicast, UDP protocol
IP I/O connector adopts GE/SFP interface for backup,enabling to operation more reliably fle*ible and unrivaled capability of transport stream re-multiple*ingResolution:1920*1080i, 1280*720P, 720*576i and 720*480i
The output bit rate mode is Constants Bit Rate (CBR); the input bit rate mode is Variable Bit Rate (VBR)( for H.264 SD/HD) and Constants Bit Rate (CBR) (for MPEG-2 SD/HD)Local controlled by front LCD and keyboard
Remote monitoring by web browser via Ethernet interface.

Any-to-Any Transcoder

IP input:   1*RJ45 GE connector, 1*SFP connector (backup for each other)
               8*IP in,UDP protocol
DVB-ASI input: 6*BNC interface
                       6*DVB-ASI in

Tuner input:      6*F type, (DVB-C/T/ISDB-T/ATSC optional)                            6*Tuner in and 6*loop out

Video transcoding

Resolution:1920*1080I, 1280*720P, 720*576i and 720*480i
Transcoding:4*MPEG-2 HD to 4*MPEG-2/H.264 HD ;
4*MPEG-2 HD to 4*MPEG-2/H.264 SD ;
8 *MPEG-2 SD to 8*MPEG-2/H.264 SD
4*H.264 HD to 4*MPEG2/H.264 HD ;
4*H.264 HD to 4*MPEG2/H.264 SD ;
8*H.264 SD to 8*MPEG2/H.264 SD
Video I/O bit rate mode:input bit rate mode--VBR(for H.264 SD/HD)
                                CBR(for MPEG-2 SD/HD)
                                output bit rate--CBR

Audio transcoding
Sampling rate:48KHz
Bit rate:64Kbps ~ 384Kbps
Transcoding:MPEG-1 Layer2 to AAC (Bidirectional transcoding)

IP output: 1*RJ45 GE interface, 1*SFP interface backup for each other                        

8*SPTS/1*MPTS,UDP protocol
ASI output:1+1*ASI backup, BNC interface.
              (1*MPTS or 1*SPTS)

Controlling and monitoring
Connector:1*RJ-45,10/100 Base-T(NMS interface)
Remote management:HTTP WEB browser via Ethernet interface
Local control:by front LCD and keyboard
Software upgrade: via Ethernet interface.

Physical and power
Operating temperature:0~50centigrade